The Flip 4 Freedom Show

Episode #4 With Special Guest Sharad Mheta developer of ReSimpli my favorite CRM.

November 23, 2020 Brett Iwanowicz Season 1 Episode 4
The Flip 4 Freedom Show
Episode #4 With Special Guest Sharad Mheta developer of ReSimpli my favorite CRM.
Show Notes


With 10-12 rehabs going on at at a time, Sharad, being the problems solver he is needed a tool to build a foundation for a business that is growing.  He realized he needed something to be efficient, and simple to use as he grew his team.   So he decided to do what everyone else would and build his own CRM!!!   People caught on to this gem, and ReSimpli was born!!!

Today we dive into this amazing CRM is,  how it can transform you business into a money making machine!!  We also dive into how frugality, allowed Sharod to scale quickly, and the importance of building a business that drives the life you want to live. 

 Key Take Always

- How frugality allows you to take calculated risks without the fear of failure.

- Building a debt free rental portfolio allowing you to take more risks.

- The importance of creating a vision and prioritizing your life and business for success.

- The Importance of Data, tracking your data, and KPI’s

- How scaling with a CRM can save you both time and money.

-Benefits of using ReSimpi.

- How the simple things can make the biggest difference.

- Why consistency is the key ingredient to doing more deals.

Book Recommendations:
Deep Work, The One Thing, The Book of Joy: Lasting Happiness in a Changing World, Think and Grow Rich.

Connect with Sharad:  Facebook- @resimpli

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