The Flip 4 Freedom Show

Episode #5 With Special Guest John Martinez, The Guru of Guru's Sales Trainer

December 10, 2020 Brett Iwanowicz Season 1 Episode 5
The Flip 4 Freedom Show
Episode #5 With Special Guest John Martinez, The Guru of Guru's Sales Trainer
Show Notes


I have been following John for about 4 years, even his short YouTube clips add some of the most valuable tips you can implement in your business today and start closing more closable deals!  John is the guru of gurus when it comes to real estate sales training, he is honest, and holds himself to a high level of integrity in all things, and he’s just overall one of the nicest guys you’ll ever talk too!

 After closing on one of my flips, I finally bit the bullet and decided to take his sales training, and WOW, not only has my business changed, but my life will never be the same.  You may be asking yourself, how could a sales training change my life, great question!!!  You’ll just have to give this episode a listen1!!

 Key Take Always:

  • It takes very little money to realize money is not the end all be all.
  • Why we need purpose behind the want/need for money.
  • Grinding is not necessarily a good thing if you define yourself by the grinnd.
  • Bigger is not always better, most times it leads to poor quality of life.
  • Most sellers are misleading, even if they want to sell.
  • The importance of going multiple layers deep to locate motivation an really put your best foot forward to solve problems that come along with a sale.
  • How to get a seller to close themselves.
  • Why it’s important to reveal all decision makers, and find out what the no’s in order to ask the right questions to close more closeable deals.
  • The easiest place to sell is from a no.
  •  Why the best salespeople dig deep with questions, and the impact on closing more closable deals.
  • Understanding that a yes, lives in the no.
  • The importance of using a price anchor.

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