The Flip 4 Freedom Show

Episode #8 With Special Guest Steve Cavanaugh

January 22, 2021 Brett Iwanowicz Season 1 Episode 8
The Flip 4 Freedom Show
Episode #8 With Special Guest Steve Cavanaugh
Show Notes

Steve Cavanaugh

I’ve come to be good friends with Steve, part of that journey started with his amazing ability to be a real leader. That’s not necessarily what this show is about, but he is the real deal when it comes to coaches, and I’m super blessed to get to not only be friends with Steve, but to be coached by him. Steve has sold over $80 Million Dollars’ worth of real estate, and is now #llov, living life on vacation from the beautiful West Palm Beach! He is the co-founder with Alex Pardo of a mastermind and coaching group called Ascend and continues to invest in Maryland!

Key Take Always

  • Knowing what is most important to you. 
  • What you believe you perceive, and what you eventually perceive, you believe.
  • The power of positive thinking.  
  • You are going to pay for mentorship whether you believe it or not, from the school of hard knocks or paying for a mentor. 
  • How one person can change your life in an instant!
  • Negotiating tips, how to set expectations and create realistic price anchors.
  • Understanding that being a problem solver first will help you close more closable deals. 
  • How to be confident negotiating with a seller. The two questions you NEED to ask on a first call with a seller, and why its important to work them in with rapport.

 Connect with Steve here:

Instagram- @stevecav

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