The Flip 4 Freedom Show

Episode #9 With Special Guest Michael Wagner, creator of The Storage Rebellion

February 10, 2021 Brett Iwanowicz Season 1 Episode 9
The Flip 4 Freedom Show
Episode #9 With Special Guest Michael Wagner, creator of The Storage Rebellion
Show Notes


Mike like many other’s wanted more in life, he thought he would find fulfillment as a physical therapist and quickly decided it wasn't for him anymore.  He loved the idea of real estate and how it could help him escape the rat race of working for someone!! He starts his journey in residential real estate like most of us, and started building a rental portfolio of single and multi-family homes. Mike had this defining moment on vacation where he realized he wasn’t getting close to reaching his goals and discovered the power of investing  in storage facilities. The rest is history,  Mike is now one of the top coaches in this niche industry.  His heart to help others achieve the same success is something that in my option is hard to find today.   

 Key Take Always:

  • Serving others first is a key ingredient to wealth, and success!!
  • Stop and define what success means to you, and really thing hard on how much people and norms affect how you think and feel.
  • The importance of diving deep into your mind
  • How the subconscious mind controls your decisions and how you can take your like back instantly. 
  • Be honest with yourself, and stop making excuses and how to get started.
  • How the need for acceptance can kill our dreams.
  • The risk you need to take too drastically change your life is actually less of a risk than staying or continuing to live a life that is not fulfilling. 
  • The fastest way to learn something is to take action, not reading another book.  You will fall down, and remember it’s ok!!!!
  • Are you a demand on a person, or a resource??
  • If you don’t define what success looks like for you, you will by default chase what society deems to be success.

 Book Recommendations:
Leading well from within
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