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Episode #13 With Rick Doherty, Find out how one question changed my life!!!!

April 26, 2021 Brett Iwanowicz Season 1 Episode 13
The Flip 4 Freedom Show
Episode #13 With Rick Doherty, Find out how one question changed my life!!!!
Show Notes

Episode #13: with Special Guest Rick Doherty: Building your social network might bring successful partnerships! 

Rick Doherty is a wholesaler from Rochester, New York now living in Denver. Rick harnessed his background in banking and followed his desire to “do something big” by going into real estate. He partnered with a former coworker, Chris, and they worked together to build their dreams. Now, Rick continues to sell wholesale while also pursuing his passion project: Vandemic Campervans. In this episode, you’ll find tips for partnership success and hone in on just how important your social network is. 

Key Takeaways

  • (0:42) Know the value of your social network. People are often more than willing to help. 
  • (2:20) It’s okay to start out small- just start! Use the resources you have available. 
  • (6:18) Your care for the client will shine through as you build rapport. 
  • (7:00) Partnering up with someone else helps you learn from each other, work together, and push each other to do better. 
  • (14:32) Open, honest communication enables tough conversations. Working through these situations creates real relationships, personally and professionally. 
  • (16:56) Partnerships enable you to combine strengths and share roles. 
  • (24:26) Avoid “shiny object syndrome”! Stay in your lane as you build. Mentors and accountability partners can help. 
  • (31:05) Don’t beat yourself up! 
  • (36:28) Real estate affords lots of flexibility and freedom - take advantage of it. 
  • (43:16) List your needs vs. wants 
  • (49:30) Rick shares how his experiences have helped him start his new business, Vandemic Campervans 

Connect with Rick: 

Instagram- @ricker2.0, @vandemiccampervans

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